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ViRTUAL TAEKWON-DO teaches via Skype and FaceTime. Therefore, you will require the following to maximise your ViRTUAL training session:

  • a computer or other device
  • a webcam
  • a modem or internet connection that can sustain video calling
  • room to perform what you wish to be taught
  • a Skype account or FaceTime
  • be in dobok and observe Taekwon-Do etiquette 

To book a session, contact ViRTUAL TAEKWON-DO and suggest the times/days you are available, taking into account any differences in time zones. You will receive an invoice for your session(s) once a time/date is agreed. The invoice must be paid to confirm your booking.

Sessions are approximately 50 minutes but you can book multiple time slots con-currently if you require longer. There are booking rates available for:

You can pay per session of take advantage of the package offer, Buy 5, Get 1 FREE!  ITFA INstructors $65/$325; ITFA Students $75/$365; Non-ITFA $85/425

If you do not speak english, you will need to provide your own translator for the session.

Once your session is booked and paid for, you will need to add Master Rhee to your Skype account. Master Rhee’s Skype profile is: Andrew K H Rhee If using FaceTime you will need to use Master Rhee’s email address: or his mobile number +61 450 459 927.

When you are ready to connect for your session, it is THE STUDENTS’S responsibility to call Master Rhee at their allotted time.

Book in your session NOW!

NB To learn more about the ITFA, click here

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